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Performance Measurement Practice at Universalia

Universalia's Performance Measurement Practice is a state or the art unit which develops, implements, and ensures the relevance of meaningful, timely and actionable information so that organizational leaders and members (our clients) can continually manage for improved results. As such our work includes support to leaders at the policy, organization, program, and project level. Our work is customized to their needs.

Performance measurement is the process of planning, collecting, analyzing and/or reporting information regarding the performance of a project, program, group, organization, system or component. Performance measurement is at the heart of a results-based management (RBM) system. Universalia’s Performance Measurement Practice helps clients reach their goals, increase capacities and measure stated achievements in specific efforts to improve structures, programs systems, organizations and government departments.

The definition of results is perhaps the most crucial aspect of program and project design. Universalia supports clients to set measureable and achievable targets in their efforts to achieve results (changes) for improvement. To support results achievement, Universalia helps clients to identify and measure key performance indicators for each result to serve as a cross-check on how well they are progressing or have progressed in their efforts.

Universalia builds systems and people: We supports growth and development in all aspects of project management through building for program and project personnel, international organizations, executing agencies and government departments with customized services and toolkits.  This experience ranges includes working with national and provincial governments, international and regional financial institutions, foundations, and agencies of the United Nations.

Universalia helps manage risk: We support preparation of risk needs situational analysis, the preparation of risk assessments, the management of risks, the identification of critical assumptions and the development of mitigation strategies to address potential challenges.

Services we provide within this practice area include:

  • Technical Assistance to support project design, logic models, work planning, performance indicators and measurement strategies for internal monitoring and reporting
  • Internal Performance Monitoring including reports of programs and projects
  • Development of the Policy and Strategy Frameworks
  • Capacity building and training for Program and Project Staff, international organizations, executing agencies and government departments
  • Development of customized Toolkits for Monitoring
  • On-demand methodological support based on requirements of clients
  • Risk analysis, Risk Measurement
  • Situational analysis
  • Support for theory of change development

Recent examples of projects include:

  • Institutional and Organizational Assessment of Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) Implementing Agencies, Caribbean Development Bank
  • Training in Managing for Development Results (MfDR) for the Islamic Development Bank
  • Evaluating Caribbean Development Bank Effectiveness in Managing for Development Results
  • Institutionalizing Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation in OECS Countries in the CARICOM Region for the -Caribbean Centre for Development Administration
  • Development of the Policy and Strategy Framework of the Technical Assistance Program of the Caribbean Development Bank
  • Development of a Training of Trainers and Development of a Toolkit in Monitoring and Evaluation Caribbean Centre for Development
  • Results-Based Management Training for Project Managers - World Bank/Ministry of Finance – Algeria
  • Training Program to Introduce Results-Based Management, World Bank/Ministry of Finance – Morocco
  • Introduction to RBM and Results Development, International Organization of La Francophonie
  • Independent Assessment of RBM/MfDR Strategy, Asian Development Bank

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For more information, please contact Mr. Hussein Amery, Senior Consultant and Practice Leader. E-mail: Phone: 514.485.3565 ext. 245

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