Cluster Evaluation of UN Women Fund for Gender Equality Economic and Political Empowerment Catalytic Grant Programmes Focused on Domestic and Informal Work: The Cases of Cameroon, Egypt, and Philippines

Elisabetta Micaro
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Entités des Nations Unies pour l'égalité des sexes et l'autonomisation des femmes (ONU)
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Suivi et évaluation
Juillet, 2012
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Over the period 2009-2011, the Fund for Gender Equality, managed by UN Women, has provided grants to NGOs in developing countries to promote women’s economic and political empowerment. The evaluation focused on three programmes (one in Cameroon, one in the Philippines, and one in Egypt) that aim to promote the economic and political empowerment of women domestic workers and women workers in the informal economy by catalyzing national processes for changes in the national legal frameworks. Ms. Micaro was hired as an independent consultant to conduct the cluster evaluation of these three programmes. The objectives of the evaluation were to identify lessons learned and best practices from the three initiatives as well as to assess programme performance on the basis of the OECD-DAC criteria of relevance, effectiveness, sustainability, and efficiency. These criteria were adapted so as to respond to UN Women’s expectations with regard to the integration of human rights and gender considerations in the evaluation process, including the evaluation criteria. The evaluation process based on a participatory approach ensured through the establishment of an Evaluation Reference Group composed of the grantee organizations and other key programme stakeholders. Field missions were conducted in Cameroon and the Philippines and distant data collection (phone interviews) was conducted for the programme in Egypt.

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Juillet, 2012