Development, evaluation and refinement of Toolkit for Asset lease Management and establishment of a monitoring and reporting system

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Justice Technology Services (JTS), Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services
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Renforcement des capacités
Janvier, 2009
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The objective of this project was to develop improved capacity within the Ministry and the Justice IT Cluster to manage leases for IT assets (approximately 40,000-leased assets) from lease agreement to end-of-lease returns, purchases, or extensions through a) improved processes and b) the creation of a performance monitoring and reporting system.

Process improvement involved working with multiple stakeholder organizations involved in this complex process and determining precise roles, responsibilities, timelines and hand-offs. This information was captured through focus groups and workshops. The process designs were captured in a toolkit that was sent to process users to document clear roles and responsibilities and included several forecasting and decision making tools to support the process. This toolkit was evaluated and refined by users through in person focus groups and a web based seminar to accommodate stakeholders in more remote places of the province.

The second thrust of the project involved the creation of a monitoring and reporting process to capture how the Ministry and its partners were performing based on outcomes and pre-determined service standards. The project team also designed a new Lease Coordinator position to monitor and report on performance and coordinate the newly designed processes. Finally, the team worked with and supported the Lease Coordinator through implementation.

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Janvier, 2009