Evaluation of the Canadian College Partnership Program (CCPP), Phase II

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Agence Canadienne de Développement International (ACDI)
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Suivi et évaluation
Janvier, 2005
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CCPP is a mechanism through which CIDA’s Canadian Partnership Branch has provided funding for partnership activities between Canadian and developing country education and training organizations since 1994. The goal of Phase II is to increase the capacity of developing country education and training organizations to address their country’s sustainable development priorities. The assignment objectives were to assess the developmental and operational performance of CCPP Phase I and II, and to formulate recommendations regarding needed changes or improvement in the current and potential future phases of the Program. Universalia’s services included the overall design and planning for the program review, data collection and analysis related to the context, developmental and operational results in Canada and overseas (projects were reviewed in Mali, Tanzania Vietnam and Cuba), overall analysis of the findings emerging from the analysis, and overall management and coordination with CIDA and ACCC clients and stakeholders.

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Janvier, 2005

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