Evaluation of the Transitional and Demobilization Reintegration Program (TDRP)

Yvan Conoir
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Suivi et évaluation
Juillet, 2013
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The TDRP is financed by a $30.8 million multi donor trust fund (MDTF), to which there are seven different donor contributions, the largest of which is 72 percent contributed by the AfDB. The TDRP is a four-year program (2009-2013) with the following objectives: Provide technical support for the implementation of existing demobilization and reintegration (D&R) programs in the Great Lakes region (GLR); Expand D&R coverage by providing emergency financing for potentially new D&R operations or ongoing programs with funding gaps; and Facilitate dialogue, information exchange and learning on D&R to address the regional aspects of conflict, improve the quality of D&R efforts, strengthen coordination on policy and programming, and generate lessons for future D&R programming.

The operational the policy context of the TDRP is shaped by many factors, particularly the legacy of its predecessor, the Multi-country Demobilization and Reintegration Program (MDRP), including what the MDRP left incomplete in the area of research, knowledge and learning (RKL). Also important is the World Development Report (WDR) 2011, in particularly its emphasis on new ways of working in fragile and conflict-affected settings (FCS).

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Juillet, 2013