Yeltsin Democracy Fellowship Program (YDFP)

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Agence Canadienne de Développement International (ACDI)
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Janvier, 2003
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This $20 million CIDA project was designed to support the Russian Federation to implement democratic reforms and to make a successful transition to a market economy. A key objective of the program was to assist Russia in developing the public sector skills needed to manage the complexities of democratic government and market economies. As the Canadian executing agency, Universalia developed training plans, and places, monitors, and provided follow up support to Russian fellows. The services Universalia offered include: 1) Secretariat support to the Joint Canada / Russia Fellowship Committee; 2) Management of Russian field office in Moscow; 3) Management of selection system in Russia; 4) Planning and delivery of 100 customized training awards in Canada annually for senior and mid-career public servants and selected business leaders; and 5) Delivery of pre-departure orientation, in-Canada briefings and debriefings, and management of follow-up seminars in Russia.

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Janvier, 2003