Assessment of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

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UNHCR and CIDA, IHA Division, Multilateral Branch
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Évaluation de la performance institutionnelle et organisationnelle
Janvier, 1992
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Universalia was commissioned to carry out an organizational assessment of UNHCR with a focus on human resources management, organizational strategy, financial management and field operations review. This review provided an independent assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of UNHCR financial and human resource management systems, and a case study assessment of selected UNHCR programs in Ethiopia and Malawi. The assessment included an extensive review of UNHCR and CIDA documents, interviews and focus groups with UNHCR headquarters staff in Geneva, CIDA staff in Ottawa, and site visits to assess UNHCR programming in Europe (Italy), and Africa (Ethiopia and Malawi).

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Janvier, 1992