Monitoring and Evaluation of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Centennial Initiative

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The Rockefeller Foundation
Marie-Hélène Adrien
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Suivi et évaluation
Janvier, 2013
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The 100th Anniversary of the Rockefeller Foundation gives the opportunity to build on the Foundation’s strengths and its legacy to provide leadership, use its convening power, deploy its intellectual capital, and apply its grantmaking to develop and promote game-changing ideas and innovations that will lead to greater resilience and equitable growth for people. The overall goal of the Centennial Initiative (CI) is to enhance the influence of the Rockefeller Foundation to effect change by engaging more people in new ways to produce innovative tools, ideas, and capacities that help poor or vulnerable people. The Rockefeller Foundation Centennial team and its partners will take responsibility over the life of the Initiative for purposefully managing, monitoring and achieving the key outcomes of the Initiative with the ultimate aim of improving people’s lives. This implies thoughtful selection of high-quality grantees and partners to achieve these outcomes, high quality engagement of Rockefeller Foundation leadership and staff, careful oversight and management of partners, managing knowledge and capturing lessons as work progresses, regular monitoring and adjustment of work plans, and periodic evaluation. To achieve its mission, the Centennial Initiative will focus on managing to, and achieving its outcomes, which are enhanced thought leadership; expanded networks and capacities; wider adoption of innovative ideas, interventions and tools; and organizational excellence in management, accountability and learning.

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Janvier, 2013