Development of Monitoring, Auditing, and Evaluation Capacities for the G8 Global Partnership Program

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0005 (1159-1175)

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Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT), Government of Canada
Marie-Hélène Adrien
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Suivi et évaluation
Janvier, 2004
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Universalia assisted FAC to develop a strategy for monitoring GPP and helped it develop draft RMAFs and RBAFs for five program initiatives. The Global Partnership Program (GPP) is $1 billion, multi-year initiative. Its mission is to implement projects in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union, in cooperation with these countries and/or other G8 nations, to reduce the threat posed by weapons and materials of mass destruction to Canadians and the international community. The overall objective for this assignment was to develop a full Monitoring, Auditing and Evaluation Strategy. The specific objectives of this assignment were to: 1) provide a descriptive review of present and planned GPP projects, Canadian and other G8 countries; 2) animate presentations and meetings on project monitoring to SIX and GPX participants; 3) provide a review of available monitoring, audit and evaluation strategies and assessment tools for GPP projects and GPP type initiatives; 4) provide a descriptive resource about GPP partners, beneficiaries, participating organizations and; 5) provide estimates and examples of monitoring, audit and evaluation costs for GPP projects and/or GPP type initiatives.

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Janvier, 2004