Final Evaluation of the Transforming Education for Girls in Nigeria and Tanzania (TEGINT) Project

Halcyon Louis
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ActionAid International
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Suivi et évaluation
Janvier, 2012
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The overall goal of the TEGINT project involved achieving a transformation in the education of girls in two countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria and Tanzania, with a focus on the northern regions of both countries. The TEGINT project sought to address critical obstacles in gender, and in particular, the barriers that hinder girls’ education, and the factors that increase the vulnerability of girls to HIV/AIDS. Universalia was contracted by ActionAid International to conduct the final evaluation of the TEGINT project, with a focus on the difference made by the TEGINT project, and how the project made this difference. The main objectives of the evaluation were to: i. Evaluate the outcomes and impact of the TEGINT project against its five objectives; ii. Appraise the project partnership approach (including management structures, communications and relationships) to community implementation, research and advocacy, in relation to the project’s achievements; iii. Assess the project’s financial management and value for money; iv. Gauge the long-term sustainability of the project, with a specific focus on core project structures, methodologies and capacity development; and v. Assess responses to the project’s hypothesis and learning questions.

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Janvier, 2012