Evaluation of UNIFEM Programming on Gender and HIV/AIDS

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Katrina Rojas
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Suivi et évaluation
Janvier, 2006
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The evaluation focused on the implementation of two major programmes: Enhancing Human Security through Gender Equality in the Context of HIV/AIDS (HSP) and UNIFEM Africa Regional Programme of Action on HIV/AIDS (ARP). The overall objectives of the evaluation was to generate knowledge that underpins formulation of UNIFEM’s strategy on the gender and women’s rights dimensions of HIV/AIDS programmes for the next 3 years. The HSP was a cross-regional programme implemented in 10 countries across three regions – Africa, Latin America, and Asia (including Cambodia and Thailand). The ARP covered approximately 21 countries in five sub-regions of Africa. The evaluation provided an opportunity for UNIFEM to asses the results of each of the programmes, specifically the extent to which outputs have been achieved and the contribution they have made towards expected outcomes, analyze lessons learned on what work and what did not work, and analyze and recommend strategic directions for UNIFEM’s future programming on gender and HIV/AIDS.

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Janvier, 2006

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