Evaluation of the PPR Foundation for Women’s Dignity and Rights

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PPR Foundation
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Monitoring & Evaluation
July, 2012

Universalia was contracted to assist in this evaluation, whose purpose was to assess the Foundation’s performance in terms of the portfolio of projects implemented during its initial three years of existence, as well as to make strategic recommendations in light of the new sustainable development initiative within PPR Group: PPR HOME. As co-evaluator and gender expert, Dr Treviño contributed to the assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of implemented projects, as well as of the Foundation’s management system. On that basis, and taking into consideration the corporate priorities of PPR Group, she helped to develop strategic recommendations for the Foundation’s positioning in the landscape of gender equality actors. This assignment included a document mixed methods approach, with qualitative and quantitative elements, through document review and key informant interviews among stakeholders at PPR, PPR Foundation, and implementing partners.

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July, 2012

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