Evaluation of the Split-site Master’s Pilot Program

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Coffey International Development
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Monitoring & Evaluation
August, 2015

Coffey International Development, the Managing Contractor for DFAT’s Australia Awards in Indonesia, has mandated Universalia to conduct the evaluation of its Split-Site Master’s Pilot Program implemented from 2012 to 2014. This award program involved 12 months of study at an Indonesian university followed by 12 months of study at an Australian university, culminating in two joint Master’s degrees. It targeted three priority governmental organizations as part of a strategy to enhance these agencies HRD capacity. The purpose of this evaluation was to examine the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of the Split-Site Master’s Pilot Program to help stakeholders understand the delivery model and assess its ongoing feasibility as a form of study that is responsive to the government of Indonesia’s needs and suitable for Australia Awards.

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August, 2015

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