Evaluation of the State and Peacebuilding Fund (SPF)

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Fonds pour la construction de la paix et de l’État (SPF)
Håvard Bergo
Katrina Rojas
Marie-Hélène Adrien
Zachariah Su
October, 2018 to January, 2019

The State and Peacebuilding Fund (SPF) is a global multi-donor trust fund established in 2008 by the World Bank to respond to the needs of countries affected by fragility, conflict, and violence (FCV). In September 2018, Universalia was contracted by the SPF to conduct an evaluation aimed at assessing the fund's past performance, operations and governance (summative) and at informing discussions about the SPF's strategic and operational approach in the future (formative). As such, the evaluation involved a portfolio review of the fund's grants, as well as virtual consultations with key stakeholders, towards assessing the SPF's achievement of its objectives and relevance in light of the evolving global agenda on addressing countries affected by FCV.

Release Date: 
October, 2018

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