Exploratory Study on Issues Related to Parts IV, V and VI of the Official Languages Act of Canada

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Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS)
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Results-Based Management
July, 2011

Universalia was mandated to conduct an exploratory study on issues related to Parts IV, V and VI of the Official Language Act (OLA) of Canada. This study served as a source of information to help develop the summative evaluation framework of the Official Languages Centre of Excellence (OLCE) of the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS). The OLCE provides information and advice services to several federal institutions. This horizontal function raises many expectations and pressures of various kinds, which in turn influence how the OLCE performs. The aim of the exploratory study was to identify various interpretations of Parts IV, V, and VI of the OLA, to highlight the reasons behind the various pressures put on the OLCE initiative in the implementation of these sections and, finally, to identify challenges and opportunities for the work of the TBS under the OLCE initiative.

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July, 2011

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