External Final Evaluation of the Humanitarian Evaluation and Learning Project

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Groupe URD
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Monitoring & Evaluation
April, 2015

The Humanitarian Evaluation and Learning Project (HELP) aimed at enhancing the capacities of the aid actors in order to improve the humanitarian assistance, either through iterative evaluations with mini-seminars – like has been the case in Mali during 2014, or through the establishment of an observatory, as the one that has been set-up in Haiti since 2011. Universalia was contracted with the specific objectives to 1) Take stock of the outputs achieved, determine any possible outcome generated by the project and learn from the experience; 2) Review the effectiveness of both mechanisms, their comparative advantage and comparative efficiency; 3) Assess the reproducibility of all or any of the current mechanisms in place and the “winning conditions” that could support their sustainable work and presence in complex humanitarian settings; 4) Generate practical recommendations used for future learning mechanisms.

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April, 2015

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