FAO Provision of External Post Assessment (EPA) Services

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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Beement Alemayehu
Anne-Marie Dawson
Anette Wenderoth
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Monitoring & Evaluation (QA)
July, 2022

Universalia was selected by FAO as the qualified Contractor to perform the External Post Assessment (EPA) service for final evaluation reports provided by OED. Within its responsibilities and as set out in FAO’s Evaluation Policy, OED is to ensure all final evaluation reports are independently assessed by external reviewers and that the summary results of these assessments will be published. The expected result of the EPA system is that the quality of all completed evaluations in FAO are credibly and publicly accounted for, providing an incentive for high-quality evaluations, and contributing to transparency, credibility and utility of FAO evaluations.

Universalia was contracted for template development and related guidance to create two draft and final EPA templates, as well as draft and finalize EPA guidance for reviewers, including guidance on how to write the narrative sections of the EPA and how to validate the GEF rating., Universalia also provided an annual summary EPA report. Key deliverables included: draft and final EPA templates (two); draft and final EPA guidance for reviewers; external post assessment in English for every evaluation report submitted by OED; and an annual EPA Summary Report 2022.

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July, 2023

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