Global Donor Platform for Rural Development (GDPRD) Network Evaluation (GDPRD II)

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Global Donor Platform for Rural Development (GDPRD) Secretariat
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Institutional and Organizational Performance Assessment
January, 2008

The GDPRD commissioned Universalia to undertake a network evaluation in December 2007. GDPRD is a joint donors’ initiative aimed at fostering donor coordination and contributing to improving aid effectiveness in the rural sector in order to put “agriculture back on the agenda”. GDPRD was founded in December 2003 and became operational in 2005. Following three years of activities, the Platform members contracted Universalia to review and comment on its effectiveness, efficiency and its continued relevance with the view of informing the Platform’s future directions. The project included: an inception phase in which the methodology and the evaluation framework for the review were developed. The evaluation adopted an Institutional and Organizational Assessment (IOA) methodological framework adapting it to the networks’ specificities. Data collection took place in Ottawa, Bonn, Paris, Brussels and Rome. The evaluation required the facilitation of a two-day focus group/strategic workshop with GDPRD Board members in Brussels.

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January, 2008

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