Global Evaluation of the Emergency Response Funds (ERFs)

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Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
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Monitoring & Evaluation
July, 2013

In 2011, in consultation with donors, OCHA instituted an evaluation policy to conduct triennial global evaluations of country-based pooled funds. As such, a global evaluation of the Emergency Response Funds (ERFs) will be conducted in 2012, replacing individual ERF evaluations periodically undertaken in the past. This evaluation meets the requirements of the Country-Based Pooled Funds evaluation policy by providing an independent assessment of the contribution of ERFs to the humanitarian community’s ability to address critical unforeseen humanitarian needs in a timely and effective manner. The evaluation will identify strengths and weaknesses of the ERF mechanism and provide specific recommendations regarding areas that need to be strengthened, as well information on progress made since the creation of OCHA Funding and Coordination Section in 2009. The evaluation will also explore how the mechanism has contributed to humanitarian reform and response, and will take into account, to the extent possible, the implications of the ongoing IASC Transformative Agenda. The results of the evaluation will at the global level inform the review of ERF Guidelines in 2013 and development of policy in relevant areas; at the country level, the evaluation is expected to lead to improvements in ERF management, processes and operations. The recommendations of the evaluation will be addressed through the Management Response Plan as per OCHA Evaluation Policy.

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July, 2013

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