Performance Review of the Caribbean Gender Equity Fund (CGEF)

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Corporate Planning and Analysis Group
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Institutional and Organizational Performance Assessment
January, 2000

The overall objective of CGEF (1996-2001) was aimed at complementing the Division’s efforts toward meeting women’s needs by focusing on creating the space and potential for women to advance their strategic interests across all aspects of their lives. In addition, objectives were identified for each of the sub-Funds. CGEF was designed to respond in a flexible and iterative manner to local requests and priorities in the area of gender equity. It was also intended to encourage complementary and cumulative actions necessary to advance women’s interests and rights across diverse sectors and complex issues. The objective of the review was to assess the development and operational effectiveness and the continued relevance of CGEF, to recommend needed changes to CGEF and to recommend whether the Fund should be renewed.

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January, 2000

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