The Rockefeller Foundation Gender Landscape Scan and Portfolio Review of Grants in Support for Gender Equity and Women’s Leadership

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The Rockefeller Foundation
Marie-Hélène Adrien
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Institutional and Organizational Performance Assessment
January, 2013

Universalia completed a review of the portfolio of grants in support of gender equality and women’s leadership allocated by the Rockefeller Foundation (RF) between 2005-2012 to determine the type of gender equality outputs generated by its investments in this field and their contribution to the RF’s strategic mission. Grant documents (grant memos, mid-term and final reports) for a total of 42 grants representing an investment of nearly USD$ 14,000,000 were reviewed during the course of this project. Using a mapping matrix developed for this exercise, basic project information (e.g., initiative, sector, geographical focus, size and duration of grant, etc.), data source and output information (e.g., gender outputs and broader outcomes, gender dimensions, gender dimensions and institutional learning on gender equality) was documented for each grant. Interviews with VPs associate and managing directors at the Rockefeller Foundation were performed to identify the organization’s current approach to integrating gender equality into grantmaking. Deliverables for this project included a portfolio review framework, a summary report and a PowerPoint presentation outlining the main findings of the review. A Landscape Scan, outlining key gender issues and good practices in other philanthropic and international development organizations, was also performed by an external consultant as a complement to this assignment.

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January, 2013

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