Thematic Evaluation of WFP's Cooperating Partnerships in the Eastern Africa Region

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World Food Programme (WFP)
Katrina Rojas
Zachariah Su
Maria Fustic
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Monitoring & Evaluation
March, 2021 to December, 2021

Starting in 2016, WFP embarked on a process of institutional reform to reorient the organization’s strategic objectives and programmatic and administrative mechanisms for cooperating partnerships in response to the Grand Bargain localization commitments, the shift towards country-level and multi-year strategic planning, and an increased focus on long-term engagement with national partners as part of the WFP’s Integrated Roadmap. This evaluation aims to inform an understanding of the extent to which there has been progress since WFP embarked on this process of institutional reform , as well to inform and strengthen WFP’s regional cooperating partnership strategy, including partnership mechanisms, tools and management practices. The evaluation is summative in nature, and mixed methods, utilizing the following methods of data collection: (i) document review and database mining; (ii) stakeholder interviews (in-person and remote); and (iii) an online survey of representatives of cooperating partners.

Release Date: 
March, 2021

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