Visioning and Team Building Workshop – UN Women (Haiti)

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UN Women
Marie-Hélène Adrien
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Capacity Building
July, 2011

Universalia was contracted to provide workshop preparation and complete facilitation services for the UN Women Haiti Country Programme Retreat. The UN Women Haiti office held a three-day workshop on Visioning and Team Building on February 22-24, 2011. The workshop brought together all 10 staff members of the UN Women Haiti Office. The objectives of the workshop were (1) to facilitate a visioning and team building session for the UN Women Haiti office, taking into account the global context of change within which the Haiti office operates (Global changes of UN Women, the Haiti context after the earthquake, etc.); (2) to optimize team work within the Haiti office; and (3) to create an environment within which sensitive work issues could be expressed and addressed. The workshop was developed through the analysis of a document review, qualitative data from interviews with UN Women staff, and responses to a survey administered to all staff prior to the workshop.

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July, 2011

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