Volunteer Cooperation Program (VCP) Program Review

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Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
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Monitoring & Evaluation
January, 2005

CIDA has supported international volunteer sending efforts for more than 35 years. Currently, volunteer cooperation is funded by CIDA's Canadian Partnership Branch (CPB), and is managed by CPB's Agency Services and Canadian Relations Division. In 2004, CIDA launched the Volunteer Cooperation Program to support 10 Canadian Volunteer Cooperation Agencies (VCAs) and required an evaluation of program achievements to date. Universalia's objectives were to identify the developmental results of volunteer co-operation within the international aid context (including the MDGs and CIDA priorities), assess whether the volunteer cooperation approach is relevant and effective from an economic perspective, and identify how CIDA and the VCAs can improve the future performance of the VCP from developmental and management perspectives.

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January, 2005

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