Guyana Public Sector Modernization Design Project

Charles Lusthaus
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Office of the President, Government of Guyana
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Évaluation de la performance institutionnelle et organisationnelle
Janvier, 2003
Veuillez noter que la description de ce projet est disponible en anglais seulement.

In partnership with The Governance Network of Ottawa, Canada, a forward-looking organizational performance review of the 22 ministries of the Government of Guyana was conducted that featured the system-wide usage of Universalia’s Institutional and Organizational Assessment methodologies and other cutting-edge self-assessment techniques developed by UMG. The product was a comprehensive multi-volume report that presented a plan for a cross-cutting and functional renewal of Guyana’s entire public sector, emphasizing renewal of mandates, long-term capacity-building and systemic strengthening, as opposed to merely “fixing” isolated problems. The report was unanimously ratified by a steering committee of senior public servants and subsequently by Guyana’s cabinet. Its recommendations now await implementation, subject to funding from the IDB and other sources.

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Janvier, 2003