Guyana Public Sector Modernization Design Project

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Office of the President, Government of Guyana
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Institutional and Organizational Performance Assessment
January, 2003

In partnership with The Governance Network of Ottawa, Canada, a forward-looking organizational performance review of the 22 ministries of the Government of Guyana was conducted that featured the system-wide usage of Universalia’s Institutional and Organizational Assessment methodologies and other cutting-edge self-assessment techniques developed by UMG. The product was a comprehensive multi-volume report that presented a plan for a cross-cutting and functional renewal of Guyana’s entire public sector, emphasizing renewal of mandates, long-term capacity-building and systemic strengthening, as opposed to merely “fixing” isolated problems. The report was unanimously ratified by a steering committee of senior public servants and subsequently by Guyana’s cabinet. Its recommendations now await implementation, subject to funding from the IDB and other sources.

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January, 2003

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