Karen Rodrigue-Gervais, Universalia Evaluation Consultant, to present at the 2014 Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) conference

Ms. Rodrigue-Gervais’ presentation, at the 2014 Canadian Evaluation Society (CES), will take place on June 16 and focus on the challenges and future directions for assessing multilateral organizations. The presentation will provide a critical review of our firm’s experience evaluating multilateral organizations and of the different approaches that exist. Up until five years ago, many of the approaches focused on organizational practices or capacities. There have since been greater efforts to assess the results achieved by these organizations, though there are a number of gaps that persist in both the focus (what to measure or assess) and methodologies being used. There are also questions about what constitutes credible evidence in evaluating multilateral organizations and who defines that credibility. The presentation will lay out these key issues and provide ideas with regard to future directions.