Universalia contracted by the International Labour Organization to contribute to the 2018 International Labour Conference report

Universalia’s Performance Measurement Practice recently completed a mandate with the International Labour Organization, providing support to ILO’s Partnerships and Field Support Department with analytical inputs on Development Cooperation projects’ achievements and their alignment with United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) programmes. Based on a review of more than 40 projects and UNDAFs, Universalia produced analytical inputs on ILO’s projects country level results and lessons learned, as well as an analysis on the alignment of ILO Development Cooperation projects and programmes objectives with UNDAFs, ONE Programmes, UN Strategic Frameworks, with references to the SDGs. Universalia’s analytical inputs will informed the drafting of the 2018 International Labour Conference report whose objective is to position ILO development cooperation in a new and fundamentally different context characterized by, among others, the 2030 Agenda and the UN that is fit for purpose. For more information contact Luc Franche, Performance Measurement Practice.