Universalia Delivers International Development Project Management and RBM Training for IDB Staff

International Development Training Modules – Universalia Delivers International Development Project Management and RBM Training for the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) staff in April and May 2017

The training modules consisted of two complementary and sequential training courses that built on each other. The first course provided an appreciation of global development concepts and context including what development programming is appropriate under what circumstances. The second course answered the question of how, given the development and programming context, the IDB should design, deliver and assess international development programs and projects. Taken together, they provided a holistic perspective on the state of the art knowledge on forming international development partnerships. Each course had practical aspects including case studies, in-course tasks, and assignments to drive home the concepts and lessons.

Course 1 – International Development Concepts and Context: delivered by Universalia Senior Consultant, Dr. Syed Sajjadur Rahman, from April 25-27, 2017. This course focussed on the current international development context, SDGs, the environment, social inclusion, partnerships to achieve IDB’s strategic goals, objectives, and development programming.

Course 2 – International Development Project Management: delivered by Universalia Performance Management Practice Leader and Senior Consultant, Hussein Amery, from May 23-25, 2017. This course dealt with the practical aspects of managing international development programs and projects, presenting results-based management as an effective project cycle management tool for planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.