Universalia providing Technical Assistance to the Iraqi Al-Amal YouthBuild Initiative

The goals of the project are to prepare and link out-of-school and unemployed youth to livelihood opportunities in the Iraqi economy and to enable young people to increase their leadership capacity through civic engagement and community asset building (CAB) activities. The aim of this consultancy, led by Ms. Rima Slaibi, Evaluation Analyst, is to improve and solidify the Project Performance Measurement System (PPMS) of the Al-Amal Youthbuild Initiative, with an emphasis on: i) defining the Logic Model, in collaboration with key stakeholders; ii) improving indicators (baseline and effects), including qualitative indicators that measure changes in behavior (such as increased confidence and self-esteem) and overall employability; iii) developing monitoring plan outlining roles and responsibilities for data collection on indicators, data sources, frequency and methodology for data collection and iv) developing a methodology to collect specific data to elaborate case studies, i.e. “success stories” or “portraits” of participants who benefited from the program.