Universalia rolls out its Carbon Offset Partnership Program

In late 2018, Universalia committed to offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions generated by air travel for any projects signed on or after January 1, 2019. This decision built on the offsets purchased on a pilot/voluntary basis by Universalia’s Environment, Security and Conflict-Transformation Practice in 2018, and extended the commitment to the entire company.

Six months into this commitment, Universalia is proud to announce that it has successfully set up a system to monitor all of its air travel; to estimate the greenhouse gas emissions generated thereby; and to purchase offsets upon project completion. The first offset certificates have been purchased and are all Gold Standard certified, recognized as one of the highest offset accreditation standards.

For every project we undertake, we invite clients to share in the costs of offsets for flights we undertake on their behalf, up to the level of 50%. Where clients are unable to thus contribute, Universalia is committed to covering 100% of the offset cost. To date, we are happy to announce that the C&A Foundation has become the first client/partner to join us in this endeavour.

More information on Universalia’s Carbon Offset Partnership Program, as well as a tracking sheet which lists projects offset to date, can be found on the dedicated page set up on our website: https://www.universalia.com/en/about/universalia-carbon-offset-partnership-program-ucopp.

We welcome comments and questions on this initiative at offset@universalia.com, and are keen to discuss our experience further with anyone interested in this type of initiative.