Evaluation of IDRC’s Contribution to Building Leading Organisations

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International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
Eric Abitbol, PhD
Katrina Rojas
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Monitoring and Evaluation
January, 2018 to October, 2018

IDRC funds development-oriented research in developing countries, and between Canadian and developing country researchers, to promote growth, reduce poverty, and drive innovation and large-scale positive change.

Universalia was commissioned to conduct a cross-program evaluation that will identify specific results and contributions to developing leading organizations. It also assessed specific aspects that demonstrate the contribution and sustainability of these investments, and informed IDRC’s reflections on how to support the building of leading organizations.

The assessment was designed as a Contribution Analysis and a Realist Evaluation. It sought to understand contributions to building leading organizations and the ways in which these contributions have played out. The Contribution Analysis was rooted in a reconstructed Theory of Change (ToC) analysis, which will itself be rooted in the leadership components of the individual IDRC program ToCs and of the IDRC more broadly. 

Release Date: 
October, 2018

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