Evaluation of the Rights and Democracy Organization

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Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
Marie-Hélène Adrien
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Institutional and Organizational Performance Assessment
January, 2008

The overall objective of this review was to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of R&D programs and initiatives in the field of human rights and democratic development. The Review assessed the degree to which R&D has narrowed its thematic focus and geographic scope to increase its success, visibility and comparative advantage both in Canada and internationally. The review assessed the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of 6 selected R&D programs. The selection of projects and countries for case studies and desk reviews has been based on a number of criteria, including the attempt to balance a sample of R&D’s work at the local, national and international level with projects related to the priority thematic foci of R&D, e.g. a program/project in a priority country, review of a major and/or special initiative, and an assessment of a major coalition established by R&D.

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January, 2008

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