Monitoring and Performance Measurement Framework in Social Institutions Development Program

Charles Lusthaus
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Aga Khan Foundation
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Capacity Building
January, 2005

Universalia worked with Aga Khan Foundation’s $25 million Social Institutions Development Program (SIDP) to develop a monitoring and performance framework. SIDP is an 11-year program designed to improve the capacity of the citizen sector organizations and institutions to support sustainable human development in Pakistan. Beginning in 1997 (completion date Sept 2006), the role of Universalia has been to provide monitoring and technical advisory services to CIDA and AKF, including the design of frameworks and systems to monitor and measure program and sub-project performance. Universalia continues to play a strong role by providing detailed, constructive feedback and guidance on how to improve performance. During the inception phase, Universalia worked with CIDA and AKF to identify monitoring needs and developed a program monitoring framework with them. At the sub-project level, Universalia adapted the Universalia-IDRC Institutional Organizational Assessment Framework to serve as an institutional-level performance measurement framework for tracking and reporting outcomes on the capacities and performance of the 15-20 organizations assisted by SIDP since 1997. Universalia facilitated 5 sessions with AKF and CIDA to review and update the monitoring and performance frameworks over 8 years.

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January, 2005

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