Vietnam Technical Advisory Monitoring and Evaluation

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Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
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Monitoring & Evaluation
January, 2003

UniCon, a joint venture of Universalia and the Conference Board of Canada, monitored three projects in the good governance portfolio and advisory support on monitoring results at the program level for both the governance portfolio and the Viet Nam program overall. At the project level, UniCon monitored projects for results by reviewing the appropriateness of project LFAs and proposing changes as required; conducting annual assessments of project performance using CIDA’s Results and Key Success Factors Framework; and conducting cumulative performance reviews for each project during the period. At the program level, UniCon assisted the Program Director and Chief of Operations analyze Vietnam program governance portfolio results achievement and overall management performance. This resulted in two Program workshops and reports: Viet Nam Program Review of Results and Lessons Learned (Unicon, 1999) and Vietnam Program Review:-Governance Projects (UniCon, 2002), which helped guide future Program directions and refine program level results frameworks. UniCon was also tasked with auditing the quality of annual workplans and reports produced by all Viet Nam Program CEAs.

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January, 2003

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