Strengthening HIV Control Project in Kenya Phase III

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Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
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Monitoring & Evaluation
January, 2003

The STD/HIV Control project in Kenya is an initiative of the University of Manitoba in collaboration with the University of Nairobi, funded by CIDA. The project believes that focused interventions can have a considerable impact on the transmission of HIV/AIDS in the population. The evaluation objectives were to: 1) assess whether the project was being effectively managed to enable realistic achievement of expected results; 2) assess the developmental relevance of the project in the context of the larger response to HIV/AIDS in Kenya; and 3) make recommendations on the needed project modifications for the remainder of Phase III. Universalia services included: 1) design of the assignment including an evaluation framework and workplan, and extensive document review; 2) data collection in Canada and Kenya (which included interviews with the project management team, University of Nairobi representatives, Government officials from the Ministry of Health, government and community organizations in Kenya managing primary health care programs; other donors); 3) overall analysis of the findings; 4) preparation of draft and final reports; and 5) overall management of the assignment (including identifying and managing the local consultant) and the production of deliverables.

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January, 2003

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