Facilitating Change: Reflections on Six Years of Education Development Programming in Challenging Environments

Facilitating Change
edited by Gary Anderson and Anette Wenderoth (2007)

This book shares some key lessons learned about cross-cultural dissonance, conflicting values about social inclusion of minorities, differing perspectives on gender equality, and how former enemies can build peace by connecting professionally. It reflects upon processes to train 10,000 teachers, the development of leaders for the future, and efforts to change an intransigent university. The different authors – from Canada, Kosovo, and Serbia – consider issues such as the cycle of change, why people resist change, and how local leaders can be empowered to embrace change, lead it, and own it as conditions in their context evolve. While the illustrations and examples refer to education systems in the Balkans, we believe that the book is relevant to development professionals in all sectors and every part of the world.