Training Program on the Result-Based Management Approach and Performance Measurement

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African Development Bank (AfDB)
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Renforcement des capacités
Janvier, 2007
Veuillez noter que la description de ce projet est disponible en anglais seulement.

The objective of these training programs was to support the development of Bank’s project managers’ skills to use and develop a RBM approach, to support the efforts of the Bank to direct its activities to the achievement of more successful results. The training program consisted of the following activities: 1- Desk Review and preparation of the mission 2- Development (or adjustment) of the teaching equipment of pre-training, didactic support for presentations, examples, case studies, exercises, etc. 3- Realization and animations of trainings (3 days in French and 3 days in English for every mission). 4- Realization of sessions of coaching from employees for the development of RBM approach 5- Focus groups leading (2nd mission) on the trainings’ impacts 6- Drafting of mission reports. More than 250 project managers were trained since the beginning of the training realized by Universalia.

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Janvier, 2007

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