Training Program on the Result-Based Management Approach and Performance Measurement

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African Development Bank (AfDB)
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Capacity Building
January, 2007

The objective of these training programs was to support the development of Bank’s project managers’ skills to use and develop a RBM approach, to support the efforts of the Bank to direct its activities to the achievement of more successful results. The training program consisted of the following activities: 1- Desk Review and preparation of the mission 2- Development (or adjustment) of the teaching equipment of pre-training, didactic support for presentations, examples, case studies, exercises, etc. 3- Realization and animations of trainings (3 days in French and 3 days in English for every mission). 4- Realization of sessions of coaching from employees for the development of RBM approach 5- Focus groups leading (2nd mission) on the trainings’ impacts 6- Drafting of mission reports. More than 250 project managers were trained since the beginning of the training realized by Universalia.

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January, 2007

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