Looking Back, Looking Forward (2020-2021) - Universalia’s Environment, Security and Conflict Transformation (EnSeCT) Practice

Despite its many unprecedented challenges, 2020 was a busy and productive year for the Environment, Security and Conflict Transformation (EnSeCT) Practice of Universalia.

Working with a broad range of clients, the Practice contributed to advancing essential work in the fields of environmental governance, climate change, water development, food security, business and human rights, sustainable fashion, volunteer cooperation, Trust Funds, and philanthropy. The EnSeCT Practice has had the ongoing opportunity to support clients at both the international and local levels through its work in 2020 with organizations including the World Bank Group, the Laudes Foundation, and the African Development Bank. With the timely completion of evaluations, reviews, strategic plans, and other forms of support, EnSeCT’s clients have been able to continue their exceptional work in diverse sectors.

In 2020, the EnSeCT Practice secured diverse mandates and completed numerous studies. Some highlights include the completion of a ‘Review of Regional Evaluation Strategy – Southern Africa’ for the UN World Food Programme, an ‘Evaluation of the African Water Facility Trust Fund’ for the African Development Bank (working with our partner Performance Measurement Practice at Universalia),  and a report regarding ‘Future Scenarios for the City of Johannesburg in 2040’ in response to challenges stemming from climate change. The team supported the Adaptation Fund and the wider climate finance field through a ‘Study on Readiness and Capacity Building for Direct Access to Adaptation Finance’, and also provided comprehensive support for the completion of the Federal Government of Nigeria’s ‘Voluntary National Review’. Through its mandates with Federation CJA and the Jewish Community Foundation, the EnSeCT Practice has provided evaluative, strategic planning, and action planning support to the Jewish community of Montreal through 2020-21.

For more information on the EnSeCT practice, and their accomplishments in 2020-21, please see this link.