Marie-Hélène Adrien Joins Taskforce on EvalAgenda 2030

Universalia is pleased to announce that Marie-Hélène Adrien, Senior Consultant at Universalia and member of the Board of International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS) has been invited to join the Taskforce on the EvalPartners EvalAgenda 2030 as representative of IDEAS. The Taskforce is mandated to propose concrete actions so that evaluation is fit to provide evidence on progress and sustainability of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Under the leadership of Ms. Andrea Cook (WFP), the Taskforce brings together 13 representatives from different constituencies (EvalGender, EvalYouth, IOCE, EvalIndigenous, IDEAS, EvalSDG).

Picture: Dr. Marie-Hélène Adrien with the Young and Emerging Evaluators (YEEs) during IDEAS Conference on Evaluation for Transformational Change in Prague in October 2019. More information here.