Organizational Assessment: A Framework for Improving Performance

Charles Lusthaus, Marie-Hélène Adrien, Gary Anderson, Fred Carden, and George Montalvan (2002)

The key to improving the effectiveness of development projects is strengthening the organizations that receive development assistance grants and loans. This book offers a clear-cut methodology for diagnosing organizational strengths and weaknesses and includes a quick assessment guide, sample questions, an outline for reports, and a comprehensive glossary. Also available in Spanish and French. Available on the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) website. Extract from Organizational Assessment: A Framework for Improving Performance:

"The inability of development agencies to understand and improve the performance of the organizations they support continues to impede progress in the developing world, even after a decade of reforms. Strengthening the institutions that receive those grants and loans has become the key to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of development assistance."