External Project Monitoring and Technical Advisory Services for Nigeria AIDS Responsive Fund (NARF)

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Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
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Monitoring & Evaluation
January, 2008

In designing the Nigeria AIDS Responsive FUND (NARF), CIDA consulted with key stakeholders to identify gaps within the current national response to HIV/AIDS programming. Two areas were identified: the achievement of gender and respect for human rights HIV/AIDS programming. CIDA launched the NARF in September of 2003 and the fund is expected to build capacity of sub-project partner organizations and stakeholders, promote gender equality and respect for human rights in order to contribute to the creation of an enabling health, social and political climate of reduced vulnerability to HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. Universalia was mandated to serve as an external monitor for the NARF. Accordingly, Universalia: 1) reviewed and provided comments and recommendations on the Implementation plan, Work Plans, Narrative and Financial Reports, monitoring tools for the Fund and sub-projects and any other relevant document related to the project; 2) assessed project and sub-project performance on an ongoing basis; 3) identified and commented on the variances and/or deficiencies observed; 4) provided technical assistance to the local executing agency; 5) identified existing or potential implementation problems and lessons learned; 6) prepared workplans, missions terms of reference and reports, annual progress reports, occasional reports and a final project monitoring report, in addition to plan and conduct several field missions in the country.

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January, 2008

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